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Represent your club in the ePremier League


Ever dreamed of lifting a trophy for your club?

Now you can make those dreams a reality by registering to play in the first ever ePremier League competition, playing the video game FIFA 19.

Anyone aged 16+ and resident in the UK can enter the competition, regardless of gaming experience or ability.

The deadline to enter is 4th January 2019 so register now and opt to take part on either PS4 or Xbox One.

Online qualifying begins on Saturday 5th January 2019, and the best 16 gamers for each club will go on to compete in club playoff rounds.

Win the playoff and you will be representing your team in the ePremier League Final in March 2019.

The trophy awaits!

Club Soccer Director 2019


Sequel to the smash-hit football sim created by a real football manager arrives on The App Store and Google Play

  • Developed by a real life manager and coach with over 15 years experience

  • Unparalleled in-depth gameplay at the club level

  • Manage even more clubs – over 800 clubs across 38 leagues

  • Play as the Director and drive your club to success through hiring and firing your management team and squad, securing sponsorship deals and developing new facilities

  • Even more choice to hire and fire from  – 30,000 players and 10,000+ staff members

  • Improved stats engine mirrors real-life team and player behaviour

Northampton, UK – 4 September 2018. Marking the beginning of the new football season, Independent developer Go-Play-Games today announced that Club Soccer Director 2019 (CSD 2019), the latest iteration of its hit football management series has kicked off on The App Store and Google Play. This latest version features a raft of improvements and innovations over its predecessor including a huge choice of 38 leagues from new countries (including Portugal, Holland, Turkey, Russia, Scotland, Brazil), thousands more players and staff, new revenue opportunities, revamped AI and a new landscape view to work better on tablets.

While most soccer management games are focused on squad-level tactics, Club Soccer Director 2019  offers players in-depth control at the club-level. Players assume the role of the football Director in an existing or user-generated club from one of 38 leagues across 14  countries. With the ability to hire and fire at will, wannabe directors can impose their style on the squad by recruiting staff and skillfully negotiating the twice-yearly transfer window to find the best squad members.

As well as staff and squad management, player’s assume full control over their club’s facilities including the stadium, the training ground and the academy – all of which can be upgraded and improved, yielding happier fans, better players, and brighter academy prospects. Club Soccer Director 2019 features even more way to generate income through negotiating deals including sponsorship, ticket prices, stadium naming rights and other commercial revenue generating opportunities. Meeting, or exceeding season objectives on a regular basis improves the Director’s reputation, giving players the choice of moving to one of over 800 clubs across 14 countries.

For anyone that likes to tinker with tactics, players have the option to override the manager’s decision on match days, including team lineup, formation and both in and out-of-possession tactics. Players can also dictate to the manager how they want him to play. Club Soccer Director 2019’s live-action match engine has been overhauled to give a more realistic match-day environment. This includes improved tactical setups from managers in which they adapt to matchday situations. There’s also real-time statistics, individual player overviews and four different game speeds – giving gamers as much or little control as they want. Players can also watch post-match interviews that look and feel like a real-life sports broadcast.

Club Soccer Director 2019 development is being led by Jim Scott, a football manager and coach with over 15 years of experience. As well as being a current football manager, Jim has also 20+ years developing and publishing sports games for console, PC, and mobile platforms.

Club Soccer Director 2019 is available as a free app from the App Store at:

Club Soccer Director 2019 is also available as a free app from Google Play at:

Premier League Ticket Prices (2018/2019)



The Premier League is back with a bang and there have been goals galore since the opening game last week. Demand for tickets to these games have never been higher. Safe Ticket Compare have analysed all football ticket prices for single seats for the Premier League and discovered that Arsenal still lead the way in terms of ticket prices. A single seat for a category A game (Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool and Chelsea) costs a staggering £95.

North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur are the only other team in the top flight selling a single seat at more than £90.

Huddersfield offer the cheapest single seat ticket for the Premier League at £30 for all games, regardless of the opponent.

Premier League ticket prices (No Membership)


Most expensive

Least expensive










West Ham












Manchester City



Manchester United






Crystal Palace



Leicester City






Newcastle United






Cardiff City









Wolverhampton Wanderers



West Brom



Huddersfield Town



Huddersfield Town also lead the way for Season ticket prices as they offer a season ticket from as low as £199. The demand from fans often determines the prices but teams like Huddersfield and Newcastle recognise that and try to keep all tickets lower than £50 for all categories and opponents.

Whilst many teams offer lower prices for a small area of the stadium, Chelsea have the highest price for their cheapest seat at £41. Tickets for away fans were capped after fan protests in 2016 and will continue until after this season when the Football Association will revisit the topic.

Denmark football legend Schmeichel plays piano



MOSCOW, JUNE 8Denmark’s football legend Peter Schmeichel, the host of RT’s The Peter Schmeichel Show about the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, played piano in the latest episode with the internationally acclaimed Russian pianist Denis Matsuev, a celebrity 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia ambassador.

To watch the episode of The Peter Schmeichel Show featuring Denis Matsuev go to

While exploring Saint Petersburg, Schmeichel told the audience about the football stadium that will be hosting some of the World Cup games before heading to the city’s famous St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra to meet Russia’s star pianist Denis Matsuev.

“One of my favorite musical pieces is Rachmaninoff’s second Piano Concerto. The chairman of the Rachmaninov Foundation is a big football fan. He happens to be one of the FIFA ambassadors for the World Cup, on top of being one the best pianists in the world,” Schmeichel said about Matsuev.

Speaking about both football and music, Matsuev pointed out, “The most important goal is we play for the audience. This is the most important thing.”

In his RT program The Peter Schmeichel Show, the legendary goalkeeper for Manchester United and the Denmark national team tours Russian cities set to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, keeping the audience up-to-date on the preparations for the championship.

Earlier, RT’s team of hosts was joined by star coach José Mourinho, who gave his predictions for the World Cup specially for RT. He believes that Russia will make it out of its group to face Spain in round 16. Mourinho will also participate in RT’s special coverage dedicated to the 2018 World Cup, sharing his expert analysis and predictions for the tournament with the network’s vast global audience. RT Spanish will feature Columbia’s football veteran Carlos Alberto Valderrama, the country’s most capped player.

Ahead of the tournament, RT has launched a special multimedia project dedicated to coverage of all things World Cup 2018: a website complete with the match schedule, player info and current standings, as well as news and exclusive interviews with sports stars. During the World Cup, the site will provide live text commentary of the games and stories from RT reporters.

Peter Schmeichel is Denmark’s most capped player, having made 129 appearances for the national team. During an illustrious career he won five Premier League titles, three FA Cups, one Champions League title, and a UEFA European championship.

RT is a global TV news network that broadcasts 24/7 in English, Arabic, Spanish, and French from its studios in Moscow, Washington, DC, London, and Paris. 100 million people in 47 countries watch RT channels every week; 45 million watch RT daily. In the US, RT has a weekly audience of 11 million viewers (Ipsos). It is also the most watched TV news network on YouTube with more than 5 billion views. RT is the winner of the Monte Carlo TV Festival Award for best 24-hr broadcast, and the only Russian TV channel to be a five-time Emmy finalist for news programming.

New card system for Football Fans



  • Fortress has joined forces with Global Processing Services and Wirecard to launch ‘The One Card’, an all in one season ticket and member card with contactless payment functionality
  • Season ticket holders can use the contactless technology to enter stadium and make fast and easy payments at the POS or online
  • New solution will help reduce queues and waiting times across some of the world’s most renown names in the sports industry
London – January 2018: Fortress GB, whose card base is currently 7.5 million, have joined forces with Global Processing Services (GPS) and Wirecard to launch this first integrated contactless stadium season ticket card to the UK sports market. Season ticket holders and members can use The One Card to gain entry to the stadium whilst using the same card for purchases at selected merchants at the point of sale or online. 

Fortress GB is partner to over 130 of the world’s most prestigious and diverse sports teams and organizations, providing technology that has powered the adoption of digital ticketing and the use of RFID/NFC technology in the sports and entertainment industries, supporting game day operations and wider fan engagement activities. Fans can purchase the Season Ticket online or within the app, via the clubs’ existing integrated ticketing platform. The contactless season card will cut down waiting times and reduce queues for fans during all important matches throughout the season. Fans can choose to pay with the membership card and in future purely digital with a new smartphone app for quick and convenient, contactless payment.
Duncan Martin, Development Consultant at Fortress comments: “We carried out an extensive search for partners that understood the strategic aims of our company, along with the challenges presented by working in the sports stadium environment – this resulting in selecting the most relevant partners Global Processing Services (GPS) and Wirecard to launch The One Card.” 
Suresh Vaghjiani, Managing Director at Global Processing Services comments:“Fortress GB has a long-standing reputation of working with the world’s most prestigious football teams and now with the launch of The One Card, they are creating a new customer experience that will further enhance the bond between fans and the football club by providing added convenience with an all-in-one proposition.”

FIFA’s General Secretary



Famous football players and the Secretary General of the International Football Federation (FIFA) joined RT for an exclusive interview about their impressions of Russia on the eve of the final draw for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Hosting the special RT coverage will be football legend from Man Utd Peter Schmeichel and Liverpool’s former striker Stan Collymore.

FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura talked to RT about her visit to Russia for the Confederations Cup in 2017: “I really was fascinated by the level of commitment by local authorities, and more importantly, by the warm welcome…When I came for the first time in Russia it was in July last year. One month after my assignment. And definitely like every African person I was just fearing to be treated differently. I was ready also to help people think about Africa and Africans differently. But as we speak, I’ve been here for at least 20 times altogether. I haven’t suffered any racial issues.”

Marcel Desailly, famous French footballer for club teams Milan and Chelsea and the French national team, praised the level of preparation for the World Cup in Russia during an exclusive interview with RT. “FIFA have put enough pressure on the Russian organization to have a very good World Cup. About the crowd, no worries. People will come. People will enjoy it. People will know that they are secure on the various FIFA fun part we are going to have all over the various cities. We are quite confident about a great World Cup. The only thing we don’t know is how the team is going to entertain us during the game.”

The legendary football player for Barcelona and the Spanish national team Carles Puyol, who will participate in the draw ceremony, discussed with RT his expectations for the final part of the championship: “I am very happy to be here; I am glad of this opportunity to participate. To experience the World Cup from the inside is a wonderful experience. We’ll see what happens to us. This year the Spanish team has a very good line-up, and it is a favorite of mine. Of course, the surprise absence of Italy is a historic event. Great country with an excellent team and a long football tradition, but, unfortunately, they failed to qualify. Sweden also has a great team, and I think they will be performing at a high level.”

Leading the special coverage of the draw for the 2018 World Cup on RT will be journalist Neil Harvey and legendary Danish footballer and former goalkeeper for England’s Manchester United club Peter Schmeichel. Guests of the special studio located in the heart of Moscow will be football stars, representatives of FIFA and sports experts. Ex-striker for Liverpool and England’s national team, commentator and football expert Stan Collymore, who hosts the RT program “The Stan Collymore Show,” will provide exclusive commentary directly from the draw ceremony set to begin at 18:00 Moscow time inside the Kremlin.

Latin American football legend and the record holder for the number of matches played on Colombia’s national team, Carlos Valderrama, will be leading the special coverage of the draw on RT Spanish.

RT is also launching a special multimedia project dedicated to the 2018 World Cup. The site, available in Russian, English, Spanish and Arabic, will provide the schedule of the matches, information on the teams’ players, current standings, as well as news, exclusive interviews and analysis. During the tournament, visitors will find live broadcasts of the matches, as well as reports by RT correspondents.

RT is a global TV news network that broadcasts 24/7 in English, Arabic and Spanish from its studios in Moscow, Washington, DC, and London. 70 million people in 38 countries watch RT channels every week. 35 million – watch RT daily; RT is among the top-5 most watched international TV news channels in the US, with a weekly audience of more than 8 million viewers (Ipsos). It is also the most watched TV news network on YouTube with more than 5 billion views. RT is the winner of the Monte Carlo TV Festival Award for best 24-hr broadcast, and the only Russian TV channel to be a five-time Emmy finalist for news programming.

Tickets for the English Premier League



The Premier League starts up again this Saturday after the International Break with friendlies and World Cup Qualifying taking place. Whilst all eyes will be on England and hopefully Ireland in Russia next summer, for now fans are focused on their club team.

Tickets for the Premier League are some of the most expensive in world football, football ticket compare website Fan Seats have researched how expensive tickets are for the Premier League compare to other leagues in the Europe.

  • The cheapest price for an Arsenal season ticket is £891
  • Borussia Dortmund offer fans a £190 Standing Season Ticket
  • Paris Saint Germain (PSG) and AC Milan have the most expensive season tickets at £2,100
  • Huddersfield Town have the cheapest prices in the Premier League at just £199 for all home league games.

Here is a list of the top clubs for each major European League and the prices for season tickets.

Italian Serie A

AS Roma

Cheapest Season Ticket Price is £295

Most expensive season ticket: £1255

AC Milan

Cheapest season ticket: £180

Most expensive season ticket: £2100

Spanish La Liga

FC Barcelona

Cheapest season ticket: £175

Most expensive season ticket: £907

Real Madrid

Cheapest season Ticket £223

Most expensive season ticket: £1,840

German Bundesliga

Borussia Dortmund

Cheapest season ticket: *£207 *Standing (Regular: £350)

Most expensive season ticket: £800

Bayern Munich

Cheapest season ticket: £550

Most expensive season ticket: £1,210

French Ligue 1

Paris Saint-Germain

Cheapest season ticket: *£336

Most expensive season ticket: £2120

English Premier League

Manchester United

Cheapest season ticket: £532

Most expensive season ticket: £950

Average season ticket: £741

Average matchday ticket: £47


Cheapest season ticket: £685

Most expensive season ticket: £869

Average season ticket: £777

Average matchday ticket: £34


Cheapest season ticket: £750

Most expensive season ticket: £1,250

Average season ticket: £1,000

Average matchday ticket: £69.50


Cheapest season ticket: £765

Most expensive season ticket: £1,895

Average season ticket: £891

Average matchday ticket: £56.50


Cheapest season ticket: £1,014

Most expensive season ticket: £2,013

Average season ticket: £1,513.50

Average matchday ticket: £62

With the Premier League at the highest ever point of viewers prices don’t seem like decreasing any time soon. Hopefully the football is worth the price.

Some of the leagues include the price of corporate and VIP tickets in their general pricing structures, which affects the ticket averages.

Confederations Cup – discover Sochi



MOSCOW, 28 JUNE – RT Confederations Cup Special Host Stan Collymore joins RT presenter Neil Harvey for an in-depth look at how the home of the 2014 Olympic games has transformed in preparation for the Confederations Cup while enjoying some fun on the Formula 1 race track.

International ex-football star and award-winning broadcaster Stan Collymore and RT presenter Neil Harvey begin their tour of Sochi at Fisht Stadium, originally built for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Collymore and Harvey inspect the newly installed pitch to see whether or not the renovated stadium is ready for its new life as a host for the Confederations Cup games—and the 2018 World Cup.

Stan C
Collymore and Harvey also show off Sochi’s diversity, starting at the beach and then trekking all the way up to the top of Rosa Peak. Within the span of two hours, fans and visitors of Sochi can move from the sand to the snow.

For a little fun off the field, Collymore and Harvey head to the Sochi autodrom, the home of the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix, where Collymore decides to test his football skills against the speed and accuracy of a Russian racecar. To find out the winner, check out the video here.

Stan C2
The next Confederations Cup match takes place on the 29 of June at Sochi’s Fisht Stadium at 21:00 where Germany will face off against Mexico in the semifinal round of the competition. Harvey and Collymore will continue to provide an exclusive look and behind-the-scenes coverage of the competition.

For up-to-date coverage and videos, visit:

Confederations Cup – in St. Petersburg



MOSCOW, 21 JUNE – RT’s Neil Harvey and Confederations Cup host Stan Collymore took audiences backstage and on the streets of St. Petersburg to preview what’s to come for the host city during the competition.

The Confederations Cup kicked off on Saturday, June 17 in St. Petersburg, and RT’s Confederations Cup host Stan Collymore was there to bring audiences the best moments off the field.

Stan Collymore and RT host Neil Harvey took to the streets surrounding Palace Square where the world of sports and culture collided. Harvey and Collymore joined Vasily Gerello, lead baritone at the Mariinsky Theatre, in a singing session before giving him a chance to freestyle.

Confed Cup2

Harvey and Collymore also gave viewers a backstage pass to the newly built St. Petersburg’s stadium. Collymore explained the ins and outs of a “smaller version of Wembley” before commemorating the moment with a stadium selfie.

In order to get to know the people of the city better, Harvey and Collymore met up with a group of local Russian football fans in a St. Petersburg pub. The fans toasted to their visitors, the upcoming matches, and a game that, for them, “is religion.”

The Confederations Cup has only just begun, and Collymore will continue to provide an exclusive look and behind-the-scenes view of the competition and Russia’s host cities. The next match will take place between Portugal and New Zealand on Saturday, June 24 in St. Petersburg at 18:00 Moscow time.

Confed Cup: If you come to Palace Square in St. Pete, be sure to bring ball & start freestyling:

‘Smaller version of Wembley’: Behind the scenes at St. Petersburg Stadium hosting Confed Cup:

‘Football is religion’: Fans talk racism, hooliganism & their passion for game at St. Pete pub:

The Confederations Cup – kicks off



MOSCOW, 16 JUNE – Before the Confederations Cup kicks off tomorrow, catch up with RT’s host Stan Collymore, international ex-football star, as he gets into the Russian spirit. Throughout the run of the Confederations Cup, Stan Collymore will be RT’s host on the ground, providing an inside look at the matches, players, and host cities.Confed Cup

International ex-football star and award-winning broadcast journalist Stan Collymore is ready to share Russian culture with RT audiences throughout the 2017 Confederations Cup. To prove it, Collymore joined RT Host Neil Harvey and Russian football star Aleksandr Mostovoy in a playful rendition of the Russian folk song “Kalinka.” Collymore had arrived in St. Petersburg to celebrate the opening of the city’s stadium and watch a special “Match of Legends” football game between FIFA legends and Russian national team players. After the game, Collymore chatted with Marcel Desailly, French World Cup and European Cup champion, about the warm welcome they’ve received in St. Petersburg and why the Confederations Cup is so important for 2018’s World Cup.

The Confederations Cup starts tomorrow, 17 June at 18:00 Moscow time at the Saint Petersburg stadium. Kicking off the tournament will be a match between Russia and New Zealand. Throughout the 2017 Confederations Cup, Collymore will be RT’s special host and expert, providing exclusive access for RT audiences with behind the scenes footage of the tournament and interviews with top players and key figures. Tune into RT to travel with Collymore around Russia, from Moscow to St. Petersburg to Kazan to Sochi and experience every key moment of the tournament—from the serious to the silly, both on and off the field.

For a preview of RT’s Confederations Cup coverage with Stan Collymore, watch here:

For more on RT’s Confederations Cup coverage, as well as news and results, visit here: